Some questions you may want to consider prior to booking.

1. What henna is used?
I use may different henna. 1. Henna inported from India. 2. Henna bought in Singapore. 3. Instant red henna in stores for the nails. (i practically buy henna every whr i go;-) )

2. Is the henna red?
Nope peps, the henna I use is Indian henna so it will not be bright the one we apply on our fingertips...but it will be a very nice shade of brown. Very visible(terang). Please refer to the pictures in this blog.

3. How long will my henna last?
One week normally. The longer you leave the henna paste on the skin, the longer it will last. And of course with proper care. It starts the moment you remove the paste. No contact with water for 8 hours or so. Oil need to be applied after removal of paste. Avoid harsh diswasher liquid or detergent, and no swimming.

4. How long must i keep the henna paste on?
It depends on how long you're willing to wait. The longer the better n the more long lasting it will stain your skin. however, normally i would advise 3 -4 hours.

5. Is it ok to book for the henna 2 days before my nikah/wedding day?
Yep peps, henna takes 24-48 hours to develop to its best colour. it will slowly release its colour and stain your hands n feet nicely. By your wedding day, the colour would be superb!

6. Why is it my henna is not as nice/dark colour as other people?
Well hunniez, this depends on your body temperature. If you're body is warm (badan panas), then, the colour is gonna be even darker on you. so the result of colour varies from one person to another.

7. Is the henna applied using a henna template? (i get this a lot dearies..;-) )

No, I will draw it on your hands and feet.

8. When is the best time for me to apply henna prior to my nikah/wedding?

a. A night of 2 before the occasion. Usually, after isya' coz then the henna hands n feet cant be in contact with water until the next morning.
b. Only nite pls, i've a full-time day job;-)

9. Can I use instant henna instead?
Sure, some ppl cant hv the henna too long esp those who work in hotel a week for the henna to lose its colour will be too long. And some just don't like to wait for the henna paste to dry. So, sure I will use that if u request it.

10. My family members love to have their hands adorn too. Can i request for this service?
My pleasure...if any of your family members want to apply henna, I will put it for them. It will not be inclusive of the package though.

11. How about transport?
I will normally go to your place and apply it for you, unless you want to come to mine. i don't own a shop, so it will be my place. Transportation cost is inclusive in the price I quote^_^ if you're around Melaka.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Henna Colour

Hi all!

Well today I'm gonna write about getting a darker and lasting henna colour.
Ramai jugak yang tanya about how's the colour and berapa lama tahan.
Normally nya, kalau the henna yang I use, it can last abt 1 week. meaning dalam 1 minggu tu still cantik lagi. Tapi bila baru lukis henna tu, mesti dibiarkan kat kulit for at least 3 to 4 hours. It is memang advisable to leave it overnite, then after removal of henna tu, jgn kena air for the next 24 hours.
this is because, after 24 hours post-removal, the henna 'dye' starts to release colour. So by applying oil, most advisable oil yang contains eucalyptus, is best because it warms the hands & feet. so example of this kind of oil...minyak baby, minyak cap kapak dan vicks. so take your pick!=)

i think for us muslim macam susah kan utk tak kenakan air sebab nak solat kan? so mestilah kena air...
so basically, normallynya what i do, i lukis henna tu satu atau 2 mlm sebelum majlis nikah, after isyak of course, lepas dah solat, then, henna tu mesti dibiarkan kat tangan for at least 3 to 5 hours. mmg lama lah sikit, lg lama lg cantik lah kan? mmg henna tu akan kering on hands less than 1 hour, but i'll apply lemon n sugar so that henna will stay wet and stick on hands better. so tak delah tak boleh gerak langsung;-).
and after dah 3 ke 4 jam, dah boleh remove the henna from hands & feet by scraping it off. JGN BASUH GUNA AIR. just kikis guna kuku or tissue.kalau susah nak remove, guna oil. so after dah remove all henna, apply oil yang disugggestedkan td on the hands and feet. tidurlah lepas tu ^-^. the next morning, dah boleh mandi before nak solat subuh. =)

so kalau betul2 ikut nie, the henna akan last 1 week atau lebih.
very important to know, henna nie berbeza colournya from one person to another. ini depends on body temperature someone tu. lagi panas badan lagi henna colour darker. that's why henna on palm every dark tp atas tangan kurang sikit.

ok nanti i will explain more about bhgn2 yang man henna colour will be dark and mana yang kurang sikit.
and also the pictures of henna yg i apply of my hands, perubahan warna the whole 1 week=)

ok ciao ppl! hope this info was helpful.

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